All upgrades are compatible with AT-2030, AT-2035, and AT-2040.

You must Contact us to receive your upgrade. Please be sure to include your units serial number.



1.2.19Added mms and mm units to list of units on cert sheet.
Added PR,VC,COIL sensors to cert sheet.PDF report
“units” added
i. for tests run before this release, it will read “pC or mV”/G. For any new tests after upgrade it will read mV/mms, mv/IPS, pC/g, mV/g etc.If the initial reference reading was the same as a reading during the test, the reading during the sweep
Will be used in the report

PDF Overflow to 2nd page has been removed
Date field converted to short date

Several changes to increase 0.1 G reading accuracy, may slow down test slightly
Reference displayed in upper right same as initial reference (may still be slightly different in cert sheet)
i. The reference displayed in upper right is taken at beginning of the auto-test.

Misc screen cleanup:
Charge indicator moved to the right to allow longer transducer names
Other misc screen changes

1.2.18Improved rotary encoder in simulation mode.

Added more digits to RPM.

1.2.17Added Setup Screen to AT-2030

PDF report will now populate “units”.

Added enhancements to Units in um now display.

Battery Indicator now displays with more accuracy.

1.2.11Added “gap v”

Improved the proximity probe user interface.

Disabled Proximity probe auto-test when it is not needed.

1.1Fixed bug where units were not changing in shake and simulate screen.

Fixed bug where company name could not be changed.

Added more decimal points to the CSV export.

1.0Corrected Font on main menu

Added missing icon in setup menu

Updated battery indicator to be more accurate.



1.0.72Improvements to clock settings.

Corrected a  bug where PDF export selection could be toggled twice.

Improvements to 4-20 mA

1.0.714Modified report to support up to 20 certification entries.

Added support for longer technician names on the certification.

1.0.713Updated Software to be compatible with new improved hardware.

Added Mass load to file.

Improvements to Mass load in auto-test.

Added Interpolate and Mass loading.

1.0.6Corrected a issue where setup database incorrectly read MIL instead of MILS

Added soft start for shaker when changing from 10hz to 20hz and other frequency below 100hz.

Shake screen user interface improvements.

AT-2040 now disables all simulator output when charge input is selected for cleaner input signals.

1.0.3Update software to support improved hardware.

Improved resolution to excitation voltage.

Fixed import button.

1.0.2Added RMS to lower left corner of shake screen.2018-08-02
1.0.1Added in wireless and wired networking.

Added timeout for power and back-light.

Fixed a bug where sensor serial and technician could not be entered.

Replaced icons on main screen.

Removed “Back” function from main page.

Automatic test reference resolution improved.