AT-2040 Portable Vibration Calibrator

Introducing the AT-2040 Portable Vibration Calibrator and Transducer Test Set, the industry’s highest quality next-generation portable vibration calibrator. We used customer input and technological breakthroughs to develop an industry-leading design with superior accuracy.

The AT-2040 features full-automatic test mode, sensor simulation, a built-in sensor signal conditioner, and custom sensors that can be configured to fit every need.

A Better Portable Vibration Calibrator

The AT-2040 is packed with features and functionality. Comprehensive and user-friendly software tools help operators quickly identify and address issues in their vibration system setups.


  • Create calibration certificates for vibration instruments.
  • Test all types of vibration sensors and transducers from a variety of accelerometer and eddy current probe manufacturers.
  • Test and verify performance of vibration system meters, portable data collectors, and cabling by using an accurate and traceable signal generator to simulate a variety of sensors.


  • Custom PC Software included to setup Full-Automatic Test Mode
  • Voltage, charge (piezoelectric), 4-20mA, and proximity probe sensitivity readings
  • Adjustable current and voltage
  • Automatic PDF certificate generation tailored to your custom specifications
  • Export Data to CSV.
  • Connect to a PC through Wi-Fi and control the device from a remote location with Google Chrome’s built in VNC viewer

Simulate Accelerometer Output with the Built-in Vibration Signal Generator

Proximity driver and 4-20mA simulator
BNC sensor output, IEPE, charge modes
AT-2040 features a built-in Vibration Signal Generator capable of producing high-accuracy electrical signals over a wide frequency and amplitude range. Designed specifically to simulate accelerometer output, the AT-2040 accelerometer calibrator features the ability to simulate current, voltage, and charge signals that precisely mimic a variety of transducers and sensors.

Calibrate Triaxial Accelerometers With Direct Plug-in. No BNC Breakout Needed!

Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Position A

Position B

Position C

A Myriad of Applications

The AT-2040 has many applications including:

  • Cabling and wiring troubleshooting
  • Vibration signal simulation—accelerometers and velocity probes
  • Machinery speed signal simulation
  • Calibration for:
  • Accelerometers
  • Proximity probes and drivers
  • Monitoring systems
  • Charge amplifiers
  • Avionics equipment

Superior Accuracy In Simulation Mode — No Sensor Needed!

Create a Custom Accelerometer Auto-Test Setup Program

Customize your full automatic test for one-button operation.

Complete test to certificate in as little as 3 minutes!

Proximity Probe Calibration*

  • Proximity probe driver input
  • -24-volt supply to power proximity probe drivers
  • Built-in meter for displaying voltage on color display
  • Accurate results for both axial and radial measurements
  • Connects directly to probe driver without any external equipment

*Proximity Probe Kit is an add-on product.

Support for 4-20mA Transmitters

  • Plugs directly into the calibrator without any external equipment
  • Built-in +24-volt supply
  • Current displayed in milliamps
  • Sensitivity displayed on color LCD screen


TypePortable Vibration Calibrator
Frequency RangeVibration Signal: 7-10k Hz
Simulation Signal: 0.1 – 11k Hz
Vibration SignalVariable frequency and amplitude
Test TypesManual sensitivity, Sensor simulation, Automatic sweep, and Certification.
Supported Sensor Input TypesAccelerometer:

  • Voltage
  • IEPE
  • Charge

4-20mA transmitters
Proximity probes

Sensor Simulation OutputVoltage (variable frequency and amplitude)
Charge signal (variable frequency and amplitude)
4-20ma (adjustable)
Proximity probes (adjustable)
Certifications and Agency RequirementsNIST Traceable
Accredited NIST Certified NVLAP Laboratory Tested
EMC: EN61326-1: 2013
LVD: EN61010-1: 2010
CE Mark: Product Specific Standard

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