AT-2035 Accelerometer Calibrator

AT-2035 is a premium portable vibration calibrator capable of creating PDF certifications for most common sensor types. AT-2035 is the ideal calibrator for operators needing quick and reliable accelerometer calibration, as well as system checkout. AT-2035 offers a mix of features taken from our standard portable calibration shaker, AT-2030, and our executive-class portable vibration calibrator, AT-2040.




Type:Portable Vibration Calibrator
Frequency Range:Vibration Signal: 7-10k Hz
Vibration Signal:Variable Frequency And Amplitude
Test Types:Manual Sensitivity, Sensor Simulation, Automatic Sweep And Certification.
Supported Sensor Input Types:Accelerometer:
Proximity Probes.
Agency Requirements:NIST Traceable

Accredited NIST Certified NVLAP Laboratory Tested.

EMC: CE Mark: Product Specific Standard
EN61326-1: 2013

LVD: CE Mark: Product Specific Standard
EN61010-1: 2010