Producer of the world’s most advanced portable vibration calibrators.

Portable Vibration Calibrator

Founded in 2013, Agate Technology introduced the world to the most advanced portable vibration calibrator ever made. 

AT-2040 and AT-2050 contain new features not available on previous generation models; including full automatic sensor calibrations and vibration signal simulation outputs. This has changed the way calibrations and system installs are conducted. 

Agate Technology has supplied products all across the world, to companies big and small. We take pride in providing the best product at the most affordable pricing. Contact us today or read more about what makes our products so great.

Portable Vibration Shaker, self contained loop-controlled vibration system with electrodynamic shaker and amplifier. 

Portable Vibration Calibrator, self contained loop-controlled vibration system with the ability to read accelerometer sensitivity readings for IEPE and Charge mode sensors.

This all inclusive system contains all the features of AT-2035 model plus a built in signal simulator output and power supply outputs.

Portable Accelerometer Calibrator AT-2050 contains all the features of the AT-2035 model plus a signal simulator output, piezo resistive sensor inputs, and variable capacitance sensor inputs.