Portable Accelerometer Calibrator

AT-2035 accelerometer calibrator and shaker table is marketed as an affordable alternative to other, more expensive, portable vibration calibrators. 

AT-2035 is a mid-tier calibrator capable of accelerometer sensitivity readings and creating PDF certifications for most common sensor types. AT-2035 is the ideal calibrator for operators needing quick and reliable accelerometer calibration, as well as system checkout. AT-2035 is designed to suit your budget and offers a mix of features taken from our standard portable calibration shaker, AT-2030, and our executive-class portable vibration calibrator, AT-2040.


  • Full-Automatic Test Mode
  • Built in Charge Converter
  • Quartz Reference Accelerometer
  • Calibrated back to back with laser calibrated primary reference for increased accuracy.
  • Digital Closed loop control
  • Voltage and charge (piezoelectric) sensitivity readings
  • Adjustable current and voltage
  • Superior accuracy
  • Built-in sensor signal conditioner and battery charger
  • Automatic PDF certificate generation tailored to your custom specifications
  • Export data in CSV format.


  • Create calibration certificates for vibration instruments.
  • Test all types of vibration sensors and transducers from a variety of accelerometer and eddy current probe manufacturers.
  • Test and verify performance of vibration system meters, portable data collectors, and cabling.
  • Provides a closed loop controlled reference signal from 7 Hz to 10,000Hz for testing over a wide frequency range.


The AT-2035 has many applications including:

  • Cabling and wiring troubleshooting
  • Vibration signal simulation—accelerometers and velocity probes
  • Machinery speed signal simulation
  • Calibration for:
  • Accelerometers
  • Proximity probes and drivers
  • Monitoring systems
  • Charge amplifiers
  • Avionics equipment



TypePortable Vibration Calibrator
Frequency Range

Vibration Signal: 7-10k Hz

Vibration SignalVariable frequency and amplitude
Test TypesManual sensitivity, Automatic sweep, and Certification.
Supported Sensor Input Types


  • Voltage
  • IEPE
  • Charge
  • Velocity 
  • Proximity probes

Certifications and Agency RequirementsNIST Traceable
Accredited NVLAP Laboratory Tested
          EMC: EN61326-1: 2013
          LVD: EN61010-1: 2010
CE Mark: Product Specific Standard

Included Mounting Adapters

Included Accessories

  • 10-32 to BNC 3 foot in length low noise cable assembly
  • Power Cord
  • USB stick with custom PC software for auto-test and sensitivity setups.
  • Phoenix Connectors for proximity probe input/power output, 4-20ma input, proximity probe simulator and 4-20ma simulator.
  • Short handle wrench

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